TV Series

Vanished (Spoorloos Verdwenen)

special team missing persons

Vanished is a 33 x 50′ drama series about a team of detectives specialized in missing person cases. The series was commissioned by Dutch public broadcaster AVRO, and was written by Paul Ruven, Tomas Ross and Gwen Eckhaus. The series had high ratings in the Netherlands and was sold to many countries worldwide. In Russia, the remake of Vanished (4 seasons) became one of the biggest hit series under the title: ‘Chasing Shadows’.


Genre: Drama, detective
Starring: Cas Jansen
Jennifer Hoffman
Duration: 50 min
Directed: 2 episodes

Andre & Alfred

puppets have crazy adventures

Andre & Alfred is an adventure comedy series with puppets. It’s about children-puppets and their puppet parents, who have to overcome danger and challenges together. Andre & Alfred is produced for children from 6 to 9 years and is developed by Lennart Dinjens (10 years old) and his father Tonnie Dinjens. This co-operation between generations makes this series unique. Lennart sets up characters and storylines. His ideas are translated by professionals into a streamlined series. This way, creativity and playfulness of children stay embedded in the core of the series.


Genre: Puppet series
Starring: Andre Koning
Alfred Koning
Duration: 5-10 min
Produced/Directed: 4 episodes

School’s Out (SpangaS)

high school kids daily lives

In School’s Out, we follow the day-to-day experiences of ten students at their high school, Spangalis College, known as ‘Spanga’ for short. These ‘SpangaS’ have all kinds of recognisable, exciting adventures. The stories take place mostly around the school and the schoolyard, but sometimes also in the students’ homes. Each of the students has their own, unique story as they grow up and get to know and deal with love, friendship, loneliness, sorrow, school, teachers, parents, divorce, belonging, bullying, dreams for the future and much, much more. In short – life.


  • Winner Best Dutch Childrens TVprogram 2008 
(= ‘Gouden Stuiver’)
  • Nomination Rose d’Or category Drama 2009
  • Winner Childrens Audience Award Fiction 2010 ( = ‘Cinekid Publieksprijs’)


Genre: Daily childrens-dramaseries
Starring: Tim Murck
Gaby Blaaser
Duration: 10 min
Directed: 120 episodes

Crown Witness (Kroongetuige)

fiction meets reality

In Crown Witness celebrities play a nerve-racking game as detectives who have to solve a murder. While they hunt down the characters in reality, the audience discovers secrets about the characters in fiction. Crown Witness is an innovating TV format that interweaves fiction and reality ingeniously.


Genre: Fiction/Reality Show
Starring: Monic Hendrickx
Bram Moszkowicz
Duration: 50 min
Directed: 16 episodes

New Times (Nieuwe Tijden)

spin-off daily soap GTST

New Times is a daily soap about students living in one house together. It is a spin-off from the famous soap GTST, which is running for 30 years with over 6000 episodes.


Genre: Soap
Starring: Ferry Doedens
Tim Douwsma
Duration: 20 min
Directed: 20 episodes

Accused (Beschuldigd)

ordinary people, serious crime

Accused is a scripted reality series about ordinary people getting involved in serious crime.

While finding out hidden secrets of loved ones, dangerous situations grow out of control and can become life threatening for all family members involved. Do the families get torn apart or can they find a way out, together.


Genre: Scripted reality series
Starring: Gertjan Pasveer
Jeroen van Beek
Duration: 50 min
Directed: 14 episodes