Tonnie Dinjens (1973) directs international television series and features for different production houses and broadcasters. His work includes the sci-fi drama feature Time Will Tell, award winning series SpangaS and cop-series Vanished.

He is very strong on directing actors and can expose the truth in the characters and story. He has a sharp dramaturgic sense and creative vision. And he is Dutch… read more


Time Will Tell

time travel unravels family secrets

Genre: Sci-fi, drama, thriller
Starring: Louisa Connolly-Burnham
Mckell David
Duration: 80 min



what punishment is righteous?

Genre: Drama, suspense, experimental
Starring: Margien van Doesen
Vincent Croiset
Duration: 27 min


Crown Witness

fiction meets reality

Genre: Fiction/Reality Show
Starring: Monic Hendrickx
Bram Moszkowicz
Duration: 50 min